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October Students of the Month

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 11/01/2012 - 12:35

The staff at Payson Junior High School has started a new program to honor spectacular students. The Student of the Month program will highlight students who excel in specific content areas and will be chosen by the teachers. The most challenging part is deciding which students to pick because so many incredible students attend Payson Junior!

The October Students of the Month are as follows: Language Arts-7th Megan Hall & Austin Mosher, 8th Perla Barreda & Eduardo Camba, and 9th   Miguel Vazquez & Chelsea Dayley. Math-7th Garrison Serynek, 8th Zack Potter, and 9th Tyrel Wilson. Science- 7th Jaden Villar, 8th Braxton Judd, and 9th  Jorie Horrocks. Social Studies- 7Th Gavin Deschamps, 8th Lupe Lopez, and  9th Amber Alvey. Fine Arts- 7th   Cambriell Fitzwater, 8th Austin Swenson, and 9th Jalon Watts. Boys Physical Education- 7th Devin Janssen, 8th Luis Garcia, and 9th Braden Norman. Girls Physical Education- 7th Emily Gomez, 8th Anne Kranenburg, and 9th Emma Spencer. Career & Tech- 7th Austin Hone, 8th Mikayla Yost, and 9th Brianda Castro. Library 7th Rachel Campbell, 8th Joshua Evans, and 9th Merilee Ford.

Congratulations students! Thank you for the hard work and dedication you show in the classroom!