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November Students of the Month

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 12/06/2012 - 14:52
Overall Students of the Month for November.jpg
PJHS November Students of the Month.jpg

The following students have been selected as Payson Junior’s November students of the month for these different curriculum areas.

Math: 7th Joshlyn Lerwill 9th Azure Trevino, 8th Savannah Smith, and 9th Azure Trevino. Career and Tech: 7th Garrett Lopez, 8th Harrison Carr, and 9th Colton Stulce. Library: 7th Kaitlyn Ohman, 8th Tambi Clark, and 9th Shelby Bulkley. Healthy Lifestyle: 7th Ahem Schmoyer and Kobey Evans, 8th Jaxon Adams and Kelsie Morgan, and 9th Adam Mark and Shanna Hubbard. Fine Arts: 7th Mollie Brown, 8th Cynthia Dansie, and 9th Heather Skousen. Language Arts: 7th Brynlee Harmon, 8th Boone Jarvis, and 9th Carolina Montano. Social Studies: 7th Kyle Rush, 8th Carlos Alonso-Hernandez, and 9th Ashlyn Drager. Science: 7th Gage Stilson, 8th Cameron Cain, and 9th Aspen Balzly.    

The overall students of the month are- 7th- Brynlee Harmon, 8th- Harrison Carr, and 9th- Heather Skousen

Thank you to these students for working so hard in the classroom and congratulations on this accomplishment!