The New Scoop of the English Department

Written by Kyrra Lundberg

For this Teacher Spotlight we decided to hit up the English department. We rounded up some  of the teachers in that department and interviewed them. The questions that we asked were, what is your biggest fear, your least favorite class and, what is your advice for students at Payson Jr. High.

Mr. Antablian said that the only thing that scares him is “ fear itself”.  His advice to students is  “don’t be an idiot.” Ms. Hoffman’s least favorite class in school was Algebra. She hated it! Mrs. Holt’s worst fear is not the dark but the things that hide in them, and her advice to the students is “Be kind, dream big, and work hard.” Mrs. Bragg’s worst fear is not accomplishing her goals.

These teachers have now shared a little bit of themselves with us students at Payson Jr. High. More dirt on the teachers is coming soon!