Up With Music

Written by Myranda Goodworth


On Thursday October 17th, Perfect Harmony, Chamber singers and the seventh grade choir performed their fall concert “Up With Music.”  The first of many more! The stage was set and the classes were filled with excitement waiting for the concert to begin. The building was filled and they began singing songs like their famous “Rhythm of life”, “Popular”, and “I see the light.”

Solos by Megan Dixon (singing “Stay” by Rihanna) and Ashlie Shuffler (“Turning Tables” by Adele) were done exceptionally bringing a loud roar of applause from the audience along with duets by Alyssa Behrend and Mckaylee Burke (“For Good” from Wicked) and Cambrielle and Skyler Fitzwater (Phantom of the Opera) Bringing another roar from the audience.

Mrs.Bolz commented that, “It has been fun to work with my great students. They are off to a great musical start this year. I love seeing our students develop and share their talents!” They’ve now been preparing for their upcoming performance on December 10th, “Tis the Season to be Singing” and are thrilled. Come and see it and good job to our Choirs!