Money Wars Assembly

Written by Tayt Kearl
Student Council members compete in a pie eating contest with students from the crowd.
Student Council members Sam Sanchez and Tayt Kearl before the pie eating contest.
Freshman watch the teachers embarrass themselves at the assembly.
Mr. Davis acts as a Christmas tree, getting decorated by Mr. Jensen and Mr. Sorensen.
Mr. Swenson prepares to "kiss his dinner" and holds up the little pig while Holt stares, terrified.

Payson Jr. High students raised over One Thousand Dollars for Primary Children's Hospital.

Every year the Student Council does a fundraiser for a good cause.  This year they decided to raise the money for Primary Children's Hospital.  They decided it would be a battle between the grades.  The winning grade got to go an embarrassing teacher assembly.  After a tight competition for a week and half, with some Mr. Swenson curveballs (extra money for a grade) the 9th graders came out on top.  All the combined grades raised 1,300 dollars.

Since the 9th grade won they went the teacher assembly.  This had many different stages as the assembly went on and they got progressively worse for the teacher.  One example is, Mr. Sorenson had to eat jalapenos.  Mr. Farley’s beard got dyed green.  Mr. Swenson Mrs. Holt both kissed their  Christmas dinner (pig.)  This assembly was a good reward for raising so much money. Thanks to everyone that donated!