March Mayor Award


The recipient of the Mayor Award for March is PJHS student Spencer Bennett (9th grade). Spencer was selected for this award because he works hard and participates in class. He is mature and responsibile, and makes sure to include other people. Here's what some of Spencer's teachers have to say about him:

Spencer is so positive and such a good influence on other athletes. He knows how to set goals, work hard, and then reach those goals. – Mrs. Bragg

Awesome student! Deep questions and comments in geography - offers different perspectives few students realize. Kind and inclusive. - Ms. Clayton

Spencer (Spinney) is an impressive young man. I taught him in ECS last semester. He is very accomplished as a student with many skills that will help him during his lifetime. He completes assignments regularly and on time. He works well with others, especially girls, and he treats other students with patience. He is kind, respectful and well-mannered in class. I enjoyed teaching him. - Mr. Howell

Spencer is very sweet and helpful to those around him. He makes a point to include everyone and is quick to make friends with kids who need a friend. On top of these characteristics, Spencer is a high achiever academically, not shying away from a challenge and persevering until he not only understands concepts but can explain them to others in his group. – Mrs. Failes

Spencer is amazing student who loves learning and is a true Renaissance man. – Mr. Stoddard


Congratulations, Spencer! Thank you for being an example of a true Grizzly Hero!