Latino's in Action Conference

Written by Jairo Uribe
LIA students from Payson Junior.
Students Playing Leadership Games at the Conference.
Students Making Valentines.
Students providing service to the Elderly of their community.
More Valentine Cards for the elderly.
Students serving their community.
Jasmine Garcia and Susan Estrada heading to the Conference.
Alberto Fonseca on the bus.
Latinos in Action students from several schools, including Payson Jr!

The class of Latinos in Action recently went to  a mini conference at Dixon Middle School. There, we joined up with different schools like Diamond Fork and Mt. Nebo. At the conference we did community service, played games, and listened to a speaker to tell us about his life story.

The service project was making valentine cards for the elderly that got mailed to them. We played different types of games. The speaker that was there to talk to all the students was a very important man from Utah Valley University. He first started with his child hood and where he grew up. Then he talked about his teen years like were he went to high school, who he hung out with, and what he did as a teen-like play football. Finally, he moved on to college, got a degree from Colombia University, and now he is a Vice President for UVU.

The conference was a good experience and the LIA organization learned a lot, while having fun.