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January Students of the Month

Submitted by allison.mower on Wed, 01/08/2020 - 11:53

Congratulations to our amazing students of the month for January!Kaydrie Slider: Kaydrie is a wonderful student.  She is always working hard with a smile on her face.  In art class she is constantly trying to make her projects better and more interesting.... and they turn out beautiful as a result.  She is truly a joy to have in class.James Fisher: James is an excellent student. He comes to class prepared and ready to complete assignments. He understands and implements instruction in a positive manner. He is an outstanding example of student excellence at Payson Junior High School.Jasmin Cortes: I see Jasmin Cortes being motivated when we go to Taylor Elementary. She is a really good with the kids. She's unique and kind.  She's awesome!Patrick Hansen: Patrick is respectful in my class, and he works hard on his assignments and projects. I've noticed he's also a talented artist. He has a positive energy that makes other students feel comfortable around him.Jack Mecham: Jack is very mature in his approach to school.  He is responsible in completing his work, focuses on what he needs to do and what he wants to learn.  He is a good example to other students in his behavior and helpful to them.Amya Fajardo: Amya is a perfect student!  Her academic aim is high: she never fails to complete her assignments and complete them well. I appreciate very much that she is eager and willing to participate each day. She is always considerate and helpful and has the unusual ability of drawing the class together. Her kindness is contagious.-