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January Students of the Month

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 01/23/2013 - 10:14
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Payson Junior High School is proud to announce the students of the month for January in the following classes:

Science- 7th Austin Wright, 8th Juan Navarro, and 9th Quinn Green. Language Arts- 7th Megan Dixon, 8th Whitney Colvin, and 9th Matt Parkin. Boys’ PE- 7th Luke Eddington, 8th Jarin Hone, and 9th Newman Manu. Girls’ PE- 8th Rylie Norman, 8th Bailey Jensen, and 9th Sabrina Petty. Math- 7th Macy McClellan, 8th Madison Bing, and 9th Emily Mott. Social Studies- 7th Hayleigh Rogers, 8th Kim Martin, and 9th Megan Ringger. Fine Arts- 7th Jose Valle, 8th Josh Martin, and 9th Porter Graham. Career and Tech- 8th Kassidy Orme, 8th Jed Loveless, and 9th Tanner Manning. Library- 7th Josh Walton, 8th Brent Knapp, and 9th Jessica Campbell.

The overall students of the month are: 7th Luke Eddington, 8th Brent Knapp, and 9th Jessica Campbell. Congratulations to all of these students for their outstanding work in the classroom!