HOPE Squad Fulfilling Training Field Trip

Article by Rome King, Photos by Rachel White

Wow, what a spectacular day for the HOPE Squad, Peer Leaders and Advisors! This special day started with a bus ride to Maple Dell Scout Camp in Payson Canyon. This would be a day of bonding, discovery and training so that we can effectively reach out to our fellow students in need.

As we smiled, laughed and screamed, we completed various obstacles that involved being snuggly harnessed so we could slide down a zip line. We also completed other challenging activities that involved physical and emotional struggles within ourselves. We were charged with reaching a goal and not giving up. We did this by relying on our team and trusting them to be there for us and that is what applies to the HOPE Squad. We are a group of members dedicated to being there for others who need somebody. Most importantly, we spread kindness one person at a time in hopes of changing others' lives for the better.