Guten Tag Salt Lake!

German Students on their SLC Field Trip

 On May 5th, Grizzlies went to Salt Lake City where they were “German Tourists.” Mrs. Ethridge took a group of students from her advanced German classes to the city where they were able to have a variety of new experiences that related to their class.

Students have been studying restaurants and travel this semester in German 2, so they took this field trip to get some real world practice. Mrs. Ethridge explained, “We took the UTA bus, the Frontrunner, and the TRAX to practice using public transportation since Europeans use it much more than we do.” The group also visited the City County building, the city Library, the Cathedral of the Madeline, Temple Square, Zion's bank where they learned how to exchange money, and Siegfried's Delicatessen where they ate lunch.

This field trip was a huge success and everyone involved had a fabulous time seeing the city and practicing their German! Way to go, Grizzlies!