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Grizzlies Shine in Music Festival

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 02/27/2013 - 11:08

On Wednesday, February 6th 2013, band students from Payson Junior High School competed in the Solo and Ensemble Festival. For two months prior to the festival, these dedicated musicians prepared one song to play in front of judges, hoping to please them enough to win a ribbon. Several students were able to do just that and wow the judges with their incredible skill, memorization, and musicianship!

There were four categories (marked by roman numnerals) that students could be rated: I Superior, II Excellent, III Fair, and IV Poor. If they got a Superior then they also received either a Superior Solo or Ensemble B.A.R [Band Award Ribbon].

After they had performed their hearts out for the judges they had to wait until the next day to find out which ranking they earned from the judges.

24 students received a Superior Rating for either a solo or small ensemble. Those students are (pictured) are: Sabryne Kelly, Owen Grimshaw, Stacie Snow, Tylee Leiter, Megan Welton, Nick Montoya, Spencer Worthington, Brendan Earl, Josh Steele, Natalie Shulze, Mikayla Yost, Kelsie Morgan, Allison Elder, Caleb Peterson, Michael Losee, Josh Morgan, Sabrina Petty, Tyler Haroldsen, and Hanna Walker. The rest of the students (not pictured) include: Ericka Heaps, Kenji Heimulli, Tate Grimshaw, Christian Childs and Chase Carter.

Mikayla Yost, 8th grade student who received a Superior Rating, said, "We received more Superiors at this festival than we have had in a long time! I'm glad that we could be awarded for all of our hard work!"

Congratulations to all students who participated! This event was a big success, and your hard work and diligence paid off. A special thanks to Dalton's who supplied delicious sandwiches and snacks for the judges and helpers. Congratulations again to the musicians at PJHS! Go grizzlies!