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Grizzlies Give in a Canned Food Drive

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 12/06/2012 - 14:56
Club Awesome students count cans for the food drive.JPG

Throughout the month of November, students at Payson Junior High participated in a canned food drive to collect food for local families. The drive was called “Grizzlies Can Give” and the school collection goal was set at 1,100 cans (about one can per student). The 4-H program was in-charge of the drive with Club Awesome heading it up. These awesome students collected and counted cans each week and did a great job. All of the students worked very hard and completely exceeded the goal with a grand total of 2,864 cans!

To make the drive more competitive, the school had a contest to see which homeroom class could collect the most cans per student. The prize was a treat, the highly coveted spirit banner, and of course, bragging rights. While several classes were in the running for the most cans collected, Jake Corbett’s class ended up winning the competition with 19 cans collected per student, a grand total of over 500 cans donated!

As we were holding the drive, I was thrilled to hear students talk about how important it is to help others at all times, especially during the special holiday season. The students realized how important it is to reach out to those who need it. Congratulations to Mr. Corbett’s class and to the school as a whole for your successful drive and service to your community!