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February Students of the Month

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 03/01/2013 - 10:51
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Every month, the faculty and staff at Payson Junior High choose one student from each grade and subject as the student of the month. These students are chosen based on dedication to their studies, behavior in the school, and being overall outstanding kids! The following students have been given this special honor for the month of February:

Science: 7th Isabelle Malloy, 8th Amanda Rowley, and 9th McKell Wright. Social Studies: 7th Claire Rowley, 8th Abby Ellsworth, and 9th Lem Searle. Language Arts: 7th Josh Ullery, 8th Dylon Sasser, and 9th Kayson Ewell. Fine Arts: 7th Alyssa Behrend, 8th Caili Bogan, and 9th Jacob Hanks. Boys PE: 7th Tanner Prince, 8th Austin Gubler, and 9th Joey Jensen. Girls PE: 7th Savannah Collard, 8th Elizabeth Callahan, and 9th Maizie Brown. Library: 7th Erika Heaps, 8th Ashlyn Soto, and 9th Tanner Holt. Career and Tech: 7th Jacob Ethridge, 8th Bryce Apgood, and 9th Elizabeth Olsen. Math: 7th Carlie Jaussi, 8th Hagen Thomas, and 9th Aaron Gravance.

The overall students of the month for each grade are: 7th Jacob Ethridge, 8th Caili Bogan, and 9th Jacob Hanks.

Congratulations to all of these students for their hard work!