February 24 Weekly Newsletter

Mr. Blake Mortensen
LIA Member, Alberto Reyes, Tutors a Student

PJHS Parents,

The entire faculty would like to thank the PTA for the tremendous Lupper(as Principal Swenson respectfully puts it)that they prepared for the faculty before Parent Teacher Conferences last week. It was awesome!

Parents, as you know many of our students have been preparing for their TED talk in English classes. This is a great experience for students to research a topic and prepare it into a short talk. I was introduced to TED talks by a co-worker a few years ago and have really enjoyed listening to them. I would encourage you to search on https://www.ted.com/talks for any topic you maybe interested in. Here is a link to one of my favorite TED talks, https://www.ted.com/talks/shawn_achor_the_happy_secret_to_better_work#t-25438 it is very entertaining and makes a good point about looking for positive things in everything we do.


Freshman Day

The 9th graders had the opportunity to attend an assembly and open house event at Payson High School today!  It was an introduction to moving on and into the high school. They also presented different clubs and classes that are available to them to participate in once they enter the 10th grade.  Our  9th graders will soon be registering for 10th grade and the opportunity to attend this event will have hopefully given your students an idea, as to the different classes and clubs they can be involved in. I would encourage you, as parents, to talk with your 9th grader about what they found most interesting about the event today.   It may spark a discussion to help them better prepare you and them for the transition from Jr. HIgh to High School.

Facebook Challenge

We would encourage all of you Facebookers out there to like and follow our Facebook page. The Payson Junior High official website is http://pjhs.nebo.edu/ and from there, you can connect to the official FB page by following the link on the left side of the page. We would encourage parents to share this with others so we can get the word out about the great things happening at PJHS.

Perfect Attendance Winners

This weeks winner of perfect attendance is from the 8th grade, Shad John. Congratulations!

Nebo After School 4H Activities


Monday- Computer Gaming

Tuesday- Robotics

Wednesday- Merit Badge Cooking

Thursday- Ping Pong

Friday- Rubic's Cube

Homework help with either Mrs. Wagner or Mrs. Butterfield any time help is needed.

If you have any questions please contact Miss Ogden at kayci.ogden@nebo.edu


Feb. 25    8 am Elementary Choir Tour

Feb. 26    8 am Elementary Choir Tour

               8 am FFA  Assembly

Mar. 1-2   Accreditation Visit

Mar. 2     3 pm SCC

               7 pm Orchestra Concert