December's Best at PJHS

December Students of the Month


Every month, Payson Junior High’s teachers are faced with the challenge to select students of the month. With so many excellent students attending Payson Junior, it can be difficult for teachers to select just one outstanding student! They accomplished this task and have chosen the following as December’s students of the month:

Science- 7th: Lora Burton & Cassandra John, 8th: Myranda Goodworth & Adalyn Coon, and 9th: Jacey Orme & Kyle Mott. Language Arts- 7th: Cody Zumbrennen, 8th: Eduardo Camba, and 9th: Lucy Hales. Girls PE- 7th: Alyssa Baker, 8th: Annalise Rice, and 9th: Madeline White.Boys PE- 7th: Chase Openshaw, 8th: Ethan Hatfield, and 9th: Tanner Kilpack.

Social Studies- 7th: Ashland Lowder, 8th: Kobey Evans, and 9th: Saige White. Fine Arts- 7th: Kaitlyn Sharp, 8th: Megan Neal, and 9th: Cali Bogan. Library- 7th: Porter Stulce, 8th Harley Huff, and 9th: Hanna Walker. Career and Tech- 7th: Emily Waters, 8th: Tayt Kearl, and 9th: Eli Jones.

The overall students of the month, representing their entire grade, were: 7th: Chase Openshaw, 8th:Tayt Kearl, and 9th: Lucy Hales.

Congratulations to you all for your work hard and dedication! You help Payson Junior to shine a little brighter!