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December Students of the Month

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 01/23/2013 - 10:03
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The following students have been selected as the December Students of the Month in these classes:

Science:  7th Aubrey Schmit, 8th Janessa Williams, and 9th Gordon Hapairai. Language Arts:  7th Rachel Slack, 8th Jenna Freestone, and 9th Kaitlynn Davis. Boys’ PE: 7th Gage Cassidy, 8th Tanner Killpack, and 9th OJ Malala. Girls PE: 7th Makayla Erickson, 8th Haley Dixon, and 9th Jorie Horracks. Math: 7th Madison Smith, 8th Eridanic Navarro, and 9th Destiny Shepherd. Social Studies: 7th Jana Worthington, 8th James Caron, and 9th Marian Christensen. Fine Arts: 7th Evan Brandly, 8th Kelsie Morgan, and 9th Caleb Peterson. Career and Tech: 7th Paisley finch, 8th Jaycey Orme, and 9th Shaelee Victor. Library: 7th Christopher Turner, 8th Jessica Rowlette, and 9th Thayne Walton.

The overall students of the month were: 7th Paisley Finch, 8th Janessa Williams, and 9th Gordon Hapairai.

Congratulations to all of these students for their incredible work ethic and dedication in the classroom!