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Chromebooks and Yearbooks

Submitted by cheri.campbell on Fri, 05/15/2020 - 13:44

As we finish out this historic school year I would like to thank you all so much for your support. From day one we have very much felt your support and encouragement. The burden that was placed on students, parents, families, and teachers was unprecedented. Obviously we will never forget this time in history. Two things I’ll remember most. First, how much we missed and took for granted our daily interactions and our relationships with our students. It can’t be overstated, we missed our students so much!   Second, the spirit of community we felt here at PJHS during this time. You all came together in such an amazing way, I know it wasn’t perfect, but we always felt like you had faith in us and trusted us as we gave it our best effort. 

Here are a few things you need to know as we wrap up the school year. 

  1. Online Instruction ends today, Friday May 15th

  2. Lockers can be cleaned out any time next Monday-Thursday 8:00-3:30

  3. Grades will be updated in SIS on Friday. If you feel there is an issue, please communicate with your teacher. Students who are not satisfied with their letter grade may request a P. This would mostly be in an effort to protect a 4.0. 

  4. Chromebooks will be collected beginning Tuesday of next week. We will have a drive up option Tuesday from 8-3 and Wednesday from 12-3. (Payson High School is hosting a drive in style graduation on Wednesday and there will be a lot of traffic around the building Wednesday morning.) 

  5. Yearbooks will be available in the drive up option starting Tuesday. 

  6. If you still would like to purchase a yearbook, log on to  Not sure you purchased a yearbook? Call the school and we can check. 

  7. Lost and found items will be outside on tables on those days as well, and the items not picked up will be donated mid-June. 

Thanks for an amazing school year!