Celebrate Music

Written by Chloe Poulsen

Our amazing Payson Junior High choirs have outdone themselves this year by presenting “Celebrating Music” at the Payson High auditorium. This final concert of the year was directed by the truly magnificent Mrs. Bolz with her terrific accompanist Janice Lindsey.

This final concert was filled to the brim with amazing songs. From Disney there was “Let it go” and “Haukuna Mata” sung by the womens choir. As well as a song from “Grease, We go together.” sung by the Concert choir. Also a medley of songs from “The Phantom of the Opera.” done by Chamber singers. But let’s not forget the men’s choir that did an amazing job with “Sixteen tons.” And “Dance Evolution” that the mens and women’s choir sang together that got a few laughs out of people.

Mrs. Bolz agrees that everyone did a fantastic job. The best concert all year, at the concert before the concert choir sang Mrs. Bolz gave the announcement that the Concert Choir had earned Superiors at the district festival. She said that “This was the best concert all year the soloists were amazing, and loved the boys song ‘You raise me up’ but my favorite song of all was ‘Praise his Holy Name’ that all of the choirs sang. We have had such a great year in choir and I can’t wait for next year.”