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A Big Thank You

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 11/22/2013 - 10:46
Written by Haven Johansen
Students show patriotism and gratitude at the annual Veteran's Day Concert.


“This is our way of celebrating those who have sacrificed to protect our country, “ was the first announcement made after welcoming the guests of Payson Junior High School’s Veteran’s Day concert. The entire auditorium was full of proud family members and  fellow students and staff. Soon the Payson High School was filled with the sounds of the band, orchestra, jazz band, and choir playing patriotic songs to honor the veterans.

The concert was peppered with videos of some of the school’s staff sharing experiences they had with the fantastic veterans who had not only devoted their time to protecting our country, but also being outstanding citizens and people afterwards. The audience was touched by the awe-inspiring memories they shared.

Shortly afterward, the halls were ringing with the sounds of the band, orchestra, and choir playing and singing patriotic and historic songs. Some of them were exhilarating and showcased the way swinging, trumpet-filled music affected the early war era. Other songs were saddening and reminded the crowd of  the harsh world of war. Some numbers included Stars and Stripes Forever, a quieting song about gunfire called “Barrage,” and a drum number done entirely on trash cans. All of the performers did a fantastic job portraying feelings and history through music, and at the end of the concert all veterans in the audience were given a token of thanks provided by Poor Boy’s BBQ. From Payson Junior High school, a big thank you to all who fight for our freedom.