August 24 Newsletter

Blake Mortensen

PJHS Parents and Students,

Well hopefully you and your student survived the first day of school! It was a success from what we have seen. The best part is it only gets easier from here on out!

As a school we want to thank parents and students for making Payson Junior High what it is today! We encourage parents and students to get involved in our school! We truly believe that every student matters! Along those same lines parents, remember you have the most influence in your students’ lives, keep encouraging them to work hard and together we will have a successful year!



Students and parents, it is vital to school success that students attend school regularly! Each week we will include something about attendance and how it relates to success at school. These are taken from we encourage parents to review these with students and encourage their students to be here and on time.

This week’s tip is:

Establish and stick to the basic routines (going to bed early, waking up on time, etc.) that will help your child develop the habit of on-time attendance.

Here is a copy of the steps that will be taken for students who are late to class. Detention times will be Monday’s at 2:00-3:00pm, Wednesday’s at 2:40-3:40. We will have some morning math make-ups but haven’t finalized dates and times.

Attendance Policy: Tardies

Students are expected to be in class each day on time.

1st Class Tardy – Meet with teacher

2nd Class Tardy – Teacher emails parent

3rd Class Tardy – School Office phones parent and assigns detention*

Additional Tardies - Parent and student meet with administrator to change present course of action

*Students serve ½ hour for every tardy

1 hour for a L “late” tardy.

Detentions are served before or after school or at lunch.

Locker Concerns

The janitors spend a great deal of time trying to get the lockers working properly. If students are having a problem opening their locker, make sure they are doing the combination right and lift hard on the handle to get it to open.  If it still won’t open, make sure they ask someone for help. Please assure your students that teachers, administrators and other students are always available to help. If after all other attempts have failed to work, stop by the office and we will do whatever it takes to help your student! Lockers can cause an awful amount of stress at first, but it doesn’t take long and all students quickly become pro’s!

Girls Tennis

Girls, its time to start another great season of Jr. High Girls Tennis. Practice will be starting on Tuesday, August 30th after school. We will first meet in Mr. Hatch's Room (B55) and then go out to play.  You can sign up with Mr. Hatch or Mrs. Renzello (D137), or just come ready to play on August 30th.  Don't worry if you have never played before. Girls of all grades and experience level are welcome.      

Loafer Hike

Parents, each fall we have a group of students tackle the challenge of hiking to the top of Loafer Mountain. This is scheduled for Friday, September 9th. There are some pre-requisites that must be done before they are allowed to join the challenge. Get with Mr. Archer, boys PE teacher, if you are interested.


 Aug. 26th   School Pictures                        

Aug. 30th   Tennis starts

Sept. 5th     Payson City Badminton tournament @ PJHS