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April Students of the Month

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 04/24/2013 - 13:39
April Students of the Month (Overall))7th-Hagen Wright, 9th Isabella Welch and 8th- Hana Johnson..JPG
April Students of the Month.JPG

 The following students have been selected out of the entire student body of PJHS as the Student of the Month in each class:

Science- 7th Tyler Rowley, 8th Cody Robertson, and 9th Rylee Moreno. Social Studies: 7th Hagen Wright, 8th Nick Montoya, and 9th Riley Moreno. Language Arts: Harlee Huff, Charlotte Dansie, and 9th Lilibeth Uvalle. Fine Arts: 7th Logan Miner, 8th Kaylee Mellen, and 9th Sarah Anderson. PE Boys: 7th Kade Manzanares, 8th London Finch, and 9th Ammon Warnick. Library: 7th Victoria Montgomery, 8th Eddie Molina, and 9th Isabella Welch. PE Girls: 7th Kyrra Lundberg, 8th Hana Johnson, and 9th Madeline Miller. Career and Tech: 7th Madison Houston, 8th Jessica Humphreys, and 9th Hailey Jones. Math: 7th Tyrell Russell, 8th Justin Riley, and 9th Codie Lewis.

The overall student of the month for 7th grade is Hagen Wright, with 8th being Hana Johnson, and 9th is Isabella Welch. Congratulations to all of the April Students of the Month for their hard work, example, and dedication!