Annual Loafer Mountain Hike

Article by Gideon Argyle (9th grade). Photos by Maddy Bragg, Eric Archer.

On September 11, 2015, twenty-five students from Payson Junior High and seventeen students from Spanish Fork Junior High got on a bus at six in the morning and drove up the canyon to Loafer Mountain Trailhead. We started to hike in the cool of the early morning. It was a peaceful walk through the trees with an occasional steep part. We took small breaks here and there while others caught up. the view we saw of the canyon in the first rays of light were spectacular.

Soon the sun caught up to us as we continued up the trail. After a hike up some switchbacks we finally made it to the saddle, the halfway point. The hardest part was now over. Taking the time to eat some lunch and snacks, we had a nice long break. From that point we left a few people behind at the saddle while the rest continued the climb to the top. We kept a good pace until we reached one of our favorite stopping points. The mountain goats. Several people pulled out their binoculars to see if they could see some. Only four were spotted.

From there was the final climb to the top of Mount Loafer. We packed up our things and started again, the end in sight. When we at last got to the top the view was far better than the others before it. We could see many things from the top. There was a short break then we all gathered by the flag pole and listened as the teachers and adults talked to us about 9/11. When they were done talking, we sat in silence for a moment and just thought about it. By then we had to pack up and begin our decent down the mountain. Going down was quick and easy. Everyone made it back safely. The Loafer Mountain hike was a great experience that we all had fun on and enjoyed.