Actors in Training

Written by Sarah Sullivan
Drama students experience the Shakespeare Festival.
Practicing their facial expressions for the stage!
Students take in a play at the festival.


On October 16, 2013 a group of PJHS students took a field trip for The Shakespeare Festival.  Mr. Aintablian, the school’s drama teacher, chaperoned the students to Cedar City.  He had remembered many great things, and enjoyed going with the students.  They got to stay over night, meet people who had made a name for themselves in the drama department, and participate in competitive activities.

It was one of the first chances students had to stay overnight, and get away from parents.  They got to get their own food,and stay in their own hotel rooms.  They were able to display responsibility, and learn what it is like to be on their own.

Attending the festival was not only the students, but performers who had been on broadway.  The students were given the opportunity to be coached, and watch professionals in action.  It was a great learning experience that allowed them to be around amazing, and successful participants in that field.

At one point 2,000 people danced to “What Does the Fox Say?”.  They also, got to act competitively.  They got to try their best at something, and there were possibilities for scholarships.  For actors in training, this was a big deal.  To say the least, it was one of the most fun, learning experiences available.