March 2017

The Great Hatfield Earthquake Shakeout

Story: Landon Serynek


In Mr. Hatfield’s 8th grade classes, students constructed buildings out of various materials to support a metal washer.  Students were mimicking construction of a building to survive an earthquake.  This activity’s purpose, was to show students that they are scientists and engineers in their everyday life.  

Students would build their structure in thirty minutes then, it would be put to the test on the earthquake simulator.  From what I saw, the students had a great time with this project and would love to try this again.  One student said “I wish we did this everyday for science.” This was a great experiment for the students and they learned that they are scientist and engineers.

Advanced Orchestra Excels At District Assessment

Mrs. Christi Petrucka

Congratulations to our Advanced Orchestra who just received a straight superior rating at their District Assessment Concert for a judge.
(That is the equivalent of getting a straight A on a final exam.)

The students played very accurately, but more importantly - expressively! The judge said he had nothing to say, and then worked with the kids on some high school level bow techniques to improve their ability to keep their tone on the slower parts.

Great Job Advanced Orchestra, we are all so proud of you.
Mrs. Petrucka