May 2014

PJHS can SLAM it!

Written by Myranda Goodworth and Mrs. Holt
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It’s that time of year again for the school poetry slam where feelings and emotion are used to bring beautiful words to life!. The talent and work put into the poems this year has been amazing! Students wrote or found a poem at least twelve lines and spent time memorizing them to a perfection that they could SLAM it! They would perform for their English class and two representatives would be selected from each class to perform in the school slam.

The top 10 winners will represent our school at the District Poetry Slam, Tuesday May 6 from 6-9 at Salem Hills High School. Those winners include: Caili Bogan, Miah Rushton, Perla Barreda, Abby Garret, Micah Toelupe, Kaden Laypath, Franscisco Ugarte, Zach Day, Bailey Jensen, and Grace Wilson.

The 5 runners up, who will advance to district if any of the winners are unable to attend, include: Abby Jensen, Talbie Oberg, Samantha Mortensen, Paige Durrant, and Sabryne Kelly.

Honorable Mention prizes went to Mitchell Marrot, Corbin Tharpe, Nick Montoya, Jose Valle, Wyatt Sorenson, Armando Chacon, Allison Nielson, Michael Rowley, Mindy Riding, and Owen Grimshaw.

Congratulations to all those who represented their English class in the school poetry slam! The caliber of writing and rhythm was phenomenal, and the talent was extraordinary! Keep writing poems, practice slamming, and get ready to slam it next year!