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October 2011

Payson Junior High’s Annual Fun Run

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 10/27/2011 - 11:28
Curtis Burton
Pictured: Sam Boardman races to the finish line of Payson Junior High’s annual Fun Run followed by Isac Ramirez and others.

On October 14, Payson Junior High Held its annual Fun Run as part of the school’s Red Ribbon Week. The Fun Run, which has been organized annually by Jennifer Braithwaite, helps promote fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.  True to tradition, this year’s run had a huge number of student and faculty participants. 273 students and faculty participated in the run. Both runners and spectators of the two-mile event, which began and ended at the Payson High School track, cheered raucously for the finishers from spots lining the course and the track stands.

This year’s overall winner again was Dakota Lange a ninth grader at PJHS who finished with a lightning-fast 10:13. Top finishers for the girls in each grade were Allison Pray (seventh grade), Lakyn Adams (eighth grade), and Jamie Siggard (ninth grade).  The boys top finishers were Kellis Johnson (seventh grade), Matt Makin (eighth grade), and Dakota Lange (ninth grade and overall winner), The top faculty finisher was Mr. Hoops (a seventh-grade English teacher). The top ten finishers, for both boys and girls, in each the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades won Fun Run T-shirts.

“This is one of the best activities we do all year,” said Jesse Sorenson, an administrative assistant at Payson Junior High. Sorenson went on to say, “There aren’t many other activities that get as many of our students involved like the Fun Run does.”

Jennifer Braithwaite added, “The students ran a great race. The weather was great, the conditions were great, and the race went smoothly. We’d like to see even more students out next year.”


Payson Junior High Holds Annual Talent Show

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 10/18/2011 - 15:33
Curtis Burton
Pictured: Kate McClellan performing during Payson Junior High’s talent show on October 11.

Payson Junior High recently held its annual talent show, and the participating students showed how truly talented they are. Judging by the thunderous applause and cheers that came from the students, faculty, and parents in the audience, the performers gave the audience a great show. Seventh-, eighth-, and ninth-grade students all performed well. The talents performed included singing, dancing, piano playing, guitar strumming, cheering, and tumbling. 

Student performances began with the school’s Perfect Harmony group singing. They were followed by Marely Lee who performed a traditional Mexican dance. Allison Elder followed her with a piano performance. Next, Danielle Gubler sang accompanied by Megan Ringger on the piano, The program then featured a cheer team consisting of junior high students. Kate McClellan followed them with a guitar/singing performance. Cierra Davis, Angela Hickman, Kamrie White, Nikki Bray, and Dakota Davis next performed a dance routine. They were followed by Marley Alexander performing a piano solo. Dakota Lange, Matthew Hales, Dallin Rowley, and Ryan Lindquist performed next and entertained the crowd with a glow stick dance routine. They were followed by Emily Garret who performed a vocal number. The school’s Latinos in Action group next performed a dance. Nate Rowley followed their performance with a piano solo. Next, Bryttney Rosser performed a vocal number. The final number of the program was a performance by the school’s guitar club.     

Adam Gardner, a ninth-grade student at PJHS, commented on the show saying, “PJHS has some crazy talent.”

Alex Ford, also a ninth-grade student and member of the student council that helped organize the show, said, “The show went really smoothly, and all the performers did a really good job.”

“It was flippin’ awesome! The crowd was going crazy!” stated Dakota Lange, a student who performed, with his group, a crowd-pleasing glow stick routine.

Most students seemed to agree with Dakota’s sentiments as the school was buzzing about the shows performances for the remainder of the day. Mr. Tyler Higa, Payson Junior High School’s student council advisor along with the school’s student council, certainly put together an entertaining show that featured the best of Payson Junior High’s talent.  


Payson Junior High School Students Climb to the Summit of Mt. Loafer

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 10/04/2011 - 07:25
Curtis Burton
PJHS students and staff on the summit of Loafer.JPG

In the early morning hours of September 15, 21 students, two teachers, one administrator, and one alumnus from Payson Junior High departed from the Loafer Mountain trailhead in Payson Canyon with their sights set on the summit of the mountain. Eric Archer (a P.E. Teacher at Payson Junior High) has led a group of students to the top of Loafer Mountain each fall since 2006, and the annual hike has become a highlight to many adventurous students at Payson Junior High School from year to year.

To ensure that the hikers are hearty enough for the challenge, Eric requires all interested students to complete a physical and written safety test to be eligible. They must attend a hike procedure/back-country safety class and pass its corresponding written test prior to making the hike. Students must also pass a physical test that is administered at 5:30 AM, and students are required to go three miles in 39 minutes, or less, and then complete 30 bleachers at the Payson High School Football Field, all with their packs on.

The students made the 12-mile (six miles up and six miles down) hike in seven hours. They placed a Payson Junior High Planner at the top of the mountain for future hikers to sign when they make it to the summit in years to come. Regarding this year’s group of hikers, Eric said, "This was the most energetic group at 5:30 in the morning that I've seen." Eric also pointed out that first-time hikers Megan Hazlet, Tylee Lieter, Heather Skousen, and Ivan Webber all out-hiked their upperclassmen and set a great pace to the summit.

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