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Unplug and Connect!

Come to Payson High School on February 4th at 7 PM to unplug and connect!  Dr. Kane uses clinical experience and scientific research to explain the neurological changes taking place in the developing brain due to the impact of electronics.    

Students of the Month December


We are lucky to have the following students here at Payson Junior High School!   Grady Grimshaw, Heidi Johnson, Allie Williams, Matt Watkins, Carson Merrill, and Londyn McMurdie have been selected as Students of the Month for December.  Thanks for being kind, hard-working and patient! 

Mayor's Award December 2018


Zachary Reddington has received this month's Mayor's Award.  Zach is a hard worker, and he's kind to others. He's got a good heart, and has a gift for making people around him feel comfortable and like they belong. He isn't afraid to ask questions and is always willing to participate and share his own thoughts in the classroom. He has always been serious about his education and works hard to understand and succeed.

Mayor's Award

Andrew Morgan received this month's Mayor's Award.  Andrew is a fantastic student who doesn't demand attention.  He shows up everyday, ready to go and always puts a full days work in.  He gets along with his peers and continues to develop his talents, and this is why he's at the top of his class. He brings to class a good, hard working attitude every day. He is liked by his peers without showing off or performing for acceptance.