Payson Junior High School Announcements

Payson Junior High School Announcements for 10/31/2014

Sibling Pictures

If you have a sibling in the school and would like to be on the siblings page in the yearbook this year, e-mail a picture of you & your sibling to Mrs. Holt. This year we want to include pictures of siblings as youngsters, so flip through your old photos and send in your favorite! Also, don't forget to BUY A YEARBOOK!

Harry Potter 4H

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Join us for 4H in Mrs. Bragg's room, B-48. We will be sorted into houses, make our own wands, play Quidditch, and lots more.

District Volleyball

Attention Volleyball players. If you're interested in playing in the district volleyball competition next week at Salem Jr. High, sign up with Mrs. Braithwaite or Mr. Archer ASAP because space is limited. Again, District volleyball tournament next week. Space is limited, sign up today.

New at School Store

Begining today, your Payson JR. High School store is offering what every student not candy. We will be selling accessories for your phone/mp3 player. Come to the Store and buy a set of headphones for $5.00 or a mini stylus for your phone for $1.00 They come in white, green blue pink and gold.

If you buy one today, you can have a free bag of chips.