Payson Junior High School Announcements

Payson Junior High School Announcements for 1/29/2015

HP Club

Join us for our LAST Harry Potter Meeting today!

early morning basketball

Early morning basketball tomorrow at 6 am. All are welcome. Bring a friend and your 'A' game!

FFA Creed Speaking

Congratulations to Bayli Alexander and Emily Rowley who competed in the Area FFA Creed Speaking Contest at Maple Mountain High School. Both girls did an awesome job of representing our school. Bayli Alexander placed first and will compete at the State FFA Convention.


Bingo in Mrs. Gillie's room will be on Thursday this week instead of Friday.

Science Fair Club

Science Fair Club is cancelled on Thursday. We will meet on Friday instead.

Grizzly Club Lounge

Attention 7th graders in the Grizzly Club! We will be having Grizzly Club Lounge Friday- Jan. 30th during Grizzly Den. Make sure you have your grades up so you can come join in the fun. The Science department is sponsoring Grizzly Club Lounge this month. We will be having a ping pong tournament, a Just Dance competition, and a Bingo game. Come and win prizes!
8th and 9th graders be sure to listen for when it is your turn for the next Grizzly Club Lounge and keep your grades up! Look for the posters in the hallways for more information.


Flower and Candy gram sales will be next week: February 2 - February 6! During your lunch you can purchase a heart, write a note and it will be delivered on Friday the 13 (the day before Valentines day). There are different colors of hearts and each color comes with a candy or flower. You can also write a nice note for free on a pink heart and we will deliver it. Some of the candies include, Reese's, Twix, Kit Kat, Laffy Taffy, Sour Watermelons, & Ring Pops! These candies and flowers are in the price range of 25 cents to $1.00! Come and buy something for your Valentine and friends and make someone's day!