Payson Junior High School Announcements

Payson Junior High School Announcements for 10/10/2015

Wrestling 4H club

Attention wrestlers: wrestling season is just around the corner. If you want to start getting in shape and learn some new moves come join the wrestling 4H club every Thursday after school. See Mr. Ward or Miss Ogden for details.

Boxtops for Extra Credit

Please read Wednesday and Friday.

It's time to start collecting and turning boxtops in for extra credit (boxtops only, not Campbell soup or Betty Crocker points). For every 10 boxtops you bring into your 3rd period class, you get 5 extra credit points to use in any of your classes (with teacher's acceptance). If you happen to bring in 50 or more boxtops, then you will also receive a Free homework pass.
Please visit with your teachers to see how many extra credit passes they accept as well as when their deadline of acceptance is.