Payson Junior High School Announcements

Payson Junior High School Announcements for 5/22/2017


Please pay your lunch charges before Thursday this week. On the last day of school, Friday, the cafeteria will not be serving breakfast or lunch therefore, the lunchroom will not be able to take money after Thursday. You will not be able to pick up your yearbook if you owe money. Please pay your lunch charges as soon as possible. Come in to the lunchroom if you have questions.


Hey grizzlies, the last day of school is almost here-which means it's almost time for YEARBOOK signing day! Be sure to get your book so you can have all your friends and classmates sign on the last day of school. Books will be passed out on Thursday, May 25-if you won't be here that day, you can pick up your book Friday morning. they're only $30, and you pay the finance office- get yours before they're sold out!

Awards Assembly

STUDENTS - - - - -The Awards Assembly will be held Tuesday, May 23rd. Please check to see if your name is on the Awards List located on the Trophy Case wall. Please memorize the number or numbers listed beside your name. These numbers will be used to line up correctly for the assembly. Remember to tell your parents if you are receiving an award. They may want to attend.

7th Grade Assembly - Tues., May 23 @ 8:00am
8th Grade Assembly - Tues., May 23 @ 8:45am
9th Grade Assembly - Tues., May 23 @ 9:35am

Payson High Basketball Camp

Payson High summer basketball camp is scheduled for June 12th-15th. Any 7th grade boy or girl interested please stop by the front office for a flyer with more information.


Please make sure that all fees and fines are paid and detention time is served so you are able to get your yearbook with the rest of the school on Thursday, May 25th.

Boxtops for Extra Credit

Please read every Monday and Thursday until the end of the term.

It's time to start collecting and turning boxtops in for extra credit (boxtops only, not Campbell soup or Betty Crocker points). For every 10 boxtops you bring into your 3rd period class, you get 5 extra credit points to use in any of your classes (with teacher's acceptance). If you happen to bring in 50 or more boxtops, then you will also receive a Free homework pass.
Please visit with your teachers to see how many extra credit passes they accept as well as when their deadline of acceptance is.

Teachers: Email Mrs. Gillie if you have questions.

Perfect Attendance

This weeks winners for perfect attendance are Cameron Hannig 7th grade, Vanessa Castellon 8th grade, and McKennah Watson 9th grade. Way to go!!!